Drilling for Oil; Laying New Pipe

Drilling for Oil Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Entry Level Plans are low-cost, short term packages that allow new accounts to “test-drive” a radio station. Examples are “Salutes to the FFA” during National FFA Week and “Valentine’s/Love Notes Vignettes”. These don’t have to suck! You can develop some great content ( or buy from a provider ) and add 10-12 new businesses per campaign. Sell the magic of the specific feature. The FFA package, for example, opens up your farm and ag business opportunities in a big way. And don’t discount it if you’re not a country or information station. If you do these right, they’ll fit just about any format AND you can open up categories that don’t typically advertise on your station.

And don’t waste the opportunity. When a business steps up to make this commitment to you, make the most of it: excellent service, production, follow-up AND a personal “Thank you” note or card. Make this low-budget experience so good that this client would be very warm to hearing what you have to present the next time. You might even be able to upgrade them to a more significant package. They only spend $129 one time? Value them, over-deliver, and treat them the way you would one of your big accounts and….maybe someday…they’ll be one of those big accounts too.

Consider it “drilling for oil”. You never know what might be bubbling up under the surface, there might be more potential than you think. Once they buy – the pipe has been laid…and you’ve made it into their Accounts Payable system. Treat them well.

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Here’s to a happy and prosperous 1st Quarter.

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Lyman James