Junior DJ of the Week…Fun & Revenue

Junior DJ of the Week

It’s a great sounding on air promotion that can help secure a long-term sponsorship.  It’s got all the ingredients of compelling local radio!  Imagine that!  Great radio…and revenue too!   The Junior DJ promotion solicits entries from parents and their kids for the honor of becoming your Local DJ of The Week.

The Basics – here’s how it COULD work for you.

  • Promos and website drive entries on your station website or via email.
  • Each week a new Junior DJ is selected and comes to the station for a tour, pictures with your morning show, and to record a series of liners and The Pledge of Allegiance.  Parents sign a release authorizing use of their child’s picture on your website during their Junior DJ Week.
  • You produce the Pledge, along with the sponsoring client’s wraparound and air it at 7am at the top of the hour.
  • You produce and air sweeper/liners voiced by your Junior DJ and build them into your clocks a minimum of 3 additional times daily.  Example:  “Hi, I’m Ashley Miller – the First National Bank Junior DJ Of the Week on Lite Rock 105.7. “
  • You post your Junior DJ’s Picture on the dedicated promotion page on your website.  The page includes logo/banner for your sponsor plus an form for online entries.

Promotion should be pitched as an annual.  This is a premium feel-good promotion with excellent placement at 7am and additional spots throughout the day.  Price it as a premium!

Build a plan that includes a monthly bank of spots, and plus it up for the promotion.

This could easily become one of the hottest pieces of property in your broadcast day.

Target Clients:  Banks, auto dealers, dentists, doctors, child care facilities, clothing stores, hospitals, amusement parks & rec centers, local industries and non-traditional advertisers.  Really…anyone who wants to brand themselves in a very unique way.

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