Show Prep Starts Now

Show Prep

Do the morning show? It may be the weekend, but show prep starts now. You can start to get a feel today for what the hot topics will likely be on Monday morning. You can bet Good Morning America will be all over them. Did you know we’re sharing AM Drive audience with TV? Yep – they’re programming shows like GMA so that busy moms and dads can “listen to TV” in the morning and get a lot of the info and elements they want and need. We need to be on top of our game. Oh…and there’s the other stations in your market, and all the digital options!

Wanna win and keep winning? We can’t afford not to challenge ourselves. One helpful tip: Use the note pad on your cell phone to jot down notes this weekend. What’s the biggest news story that’s developing? Gas prices up or down? Hottest viral video? (you didn’t miss the Dover cop and “Shake it Off” did you?) Looming weather changes? What do people (in your target group) want to hear before the big game? More about Deflate-gate, hot wing and dip recipes, nothing? Show prep starts now. Have a great show Monday. Create an experience so focused on your listeners that they won’t be able to think about starting their day without you.

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