Does DJ Blogging Really Matter?

DJ Blogging

In a word: yes.  While that there is no requirement that your station have personality blogs, studies have shown that it can significantly impact your station’s bottom line if done correctly.  Just keep in mind that your station needs to have a conscious plan for DJ blog posting.  Here are some tips…

  1. Ask the question: How can this blog make the show better, make the station better, make the listener experience better, or spread the word better?  “We do it because it seems like we’re supposed to” are words you’ll never hear a jock say, but it’s surely what they are thinking.  If personalities know the purpose, then it becomes a part of the overall game plan like increasing ratings.
  2. Ensure your personality blog has an impact-ful point of view.  Many DJ’s simply don’t have one.  If they don’t, don’t force the blogging issue.  It will be a waste of their work time that can be spent improving their show.  In some cases your station might be better off with a single station blog that all talent and staff contributes to.
  3. Have DJ’s think of their blog as “show notes”.  Podcasters who blog around their podcasts refer to the posts as “show notes” because it’s a place for all the stuff they talk about on the show including guest information, relevant links, thoughts they didn’t think of during the podcast, etc.  Look to the major national syndicated morning shows for examples of this.
  4. Ensure your DJ is generating relevant content that listeners want to share.  Likes and shares are gauges to how valuable your content is to your audience.  We’ve seen great posts from major market personalities have zero likes and zero shares.  On the flip side, we’ve seen some personality blogs get automatic shares each time they post something and more monthly page views and unique visitors than the station homepage.
  5. Promote your DJ blogs to generate traffic.  A good plan is to have the personality talk about their blog on air.  Here’s a good example: “We had Tim McGraw call into the show this morning and I told him that I loved his latest movie.  Umm.  I was actually thinking something else.  Find out what on my blog at”

In the end, it’s depends on the talent, their content and how their blog is promoted.  If you have the proper talent on board to follow and execute these steps, their blog can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  There’s proof in the form of a nifty infographic below, thanks to Neil Patel.  While this infographic is targeted to regular businesses it also holds true to air personalities (the front lines of your station) as well.


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