Time to Rethink Your Branding?


Is it time to update your station branding?  Does your station logo need an overhaul?  How often should you change your website?  There is a time for everything, but how do you know when it’s time to do what?  We hope this checklist will help you decide.

  1. You have had the same logo since your station started (older than 5 years).
  2. Your station has changed/grown/shrunk noticeably in the last 12 months.  Or the format, in large, has changed.
  3. There has been a major shift in the broadcast industry, and your station has had to adapt to fit in.
  4. You have added new divisions or capabilities to your core offerings (like your website, streaming, etc)
  5. You never really had a logo to begin with, you just use a certain typeface.
  6. Your website has not changed at all in the last 2 years or more. We hope not.
  7. You are unable to update or modify your own website.
  8. You have a blog that is part of WordPress.com or another blog hosting site and you are ready for a custom blog design.
  9. You don’t have a website at all because you have an active Facebook business page instead.
  10. You don’t have social media integrated with your website.

If you answered “Yes” to questions 1-5 you should consider a modification to your current logo if it does not correctly reflect what your station is today.  We do not believe in change for the sake of change, or because you want to mimic the latest trend, but we do encourage you to appraise your logo and determine whether it truly reflects “who” your station is.  Don’t just look at logos within the broadcast industry.  Check out how other types of businesses communicate their brand through type and graphics.

If you answered “Yes” to 6-10, then it’s time to update your website, period.  It’s most healthy to update your website daily.  If you have been told that a Facebook page is just as good as a website, that is just not true. We cannot control Facebook, and as we all know, things change – sometimes without much warning.  It’s better to be able to decide who will see my site and get my feeds…you can do that with your own website.

This article courtesy of Skyrocket Radio and originally appeared at http://www.skyrocketradio.com/business/time-to-rethink-your-branding/.

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Jim Sherwood
Jim is Chief at Skyrocket Radio. He started his radio career in 1988. Since then he has worked on-air in all day parts and held nearly every other station position at one time or another.