The Most Important Question You Should Ask About Your Station Website

Station Website

Many of our past clients have been so excited to get their new website.  Then the realization sets in that now the work begins on keeping it up to date and what content should we be including.  The fact is that websites that are not regularly maintained are very soon forgotten.

A good example of this is a brochure-type website.  Once the brochure is read, it’s not visited again – correct?  Just like your radio station, the key to a successful website is repeat visitation.  Radio consultant and speaker, Mark Ramsey offers some valuable insight to how you should focus your thinking before starting a website path.

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Jim Sherwood
Jim is Chief at Skyrocket Radio. He started his radio career in 1988. Since then he has worked on-air in all day parts and held nearly every other station position at one time or another.