4 Ways a Station Can Benefit from Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is a great website that allows you to hire creative professionals for inexpensive fees.  As the name implies, you can hire people to do a wide array of small tasks for as little as five dollars.  Just don’t expect an immediate turn-around.  Most “gigs” take 24-48 hours to complete with some taking even longer.  Some artists allow you to pay more for an expedited delivery.

Here are several ways your radio station can benefit from Fiverr:

1. Voiceovers

When you’re low on staff, it probably means that the same person can be heard voicing a few different commercials in the same stop set.  Fresh voices will keep listeners from hearing the “same ole same ole” and it will give your advertisers the sense of you going an extra step to make their commercial stand out.

Or perhaps the script calls for a particular voice that you don’t have in-house.  Need an Irish accent for your St. Patrick’s Day promotion?  You can hire someone from Ireland to voice it.  Each of these voiceover artists can be hired to read certain script parts or an entire script.  Keep in mind that most of these gigs will not come fully produced with music, etc.  They will be dry.

2. Jingles

Need a new jingle for an upcoming promotion or a morning show contest?  You can get them on Fiverr also.  Just be sure to listen to the demos first for their interpretation of a what a jingle is.  In some places overseas a “jingle” is not sung.  It’s read with music in the background similar to our traditional station imaging.

3. Graphic Design

These days good design is more important than ever.  Choppy graphics that look like they were designed in Microsoft Paint, circa 1997 is simply not effective.  As a small market station, you can’t afford to keep a full-time graphic designer on staff.  However you can get help designing a killer banner ad, station concert poster, flyer, contest graphic, etc.  We even saw where a few artists offer cartoon & caricature design.  This might be helpful for a morning show t-shirt or promotion.

We would not recommend using Fiverr for something as important as your station logo.  Definitely hire a professional logo design firm for that.

4. Copy Writing

Great effective copy is difficult for anyone to pull off.  You can spend $5 to hire a copywriter on Fiverr.

If you’re looking for new business and your production manager is going in 12 different directions, we recommend going this route.  Also, every station has that awesome seller that can’t put two sentences together properly.

A “professionally” written script can be an effective selling tool and can be worth much more than $5-$10 spent.  If you don’t like the copy, you can always tweak it once you get it back.

Don’t use Fiverr for…

You will find dozens of people on Fiverr offering to get you thousands of followers on social media.  Don’t do it.  You don’t know what kind of followers you’ll get.  Plus, social media is more about real interaction with your listeners than the most follower numbers.  Your listeners can’t be summoned by the thousands to like your Facebook page overnight.  If you want meaningful interaction with your listeners on social media, consider hiring a social media manager or ask your consultant for some guidance.

This article courtesy of Skyrocket Radio and originally appeared at http://www.skyrocketradio.com/business/4-ways-station-can-benefit-fiverr/.

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Jim Sherwood
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